Mythos rising

Silence. Darkness. Formless desolation.

God brooded over the vast and shapeless abyss until at last he uttered a single word.


A brilliant shaft aroused the sleeping void, and like a searchlight, illuminated the battle scene where God split the watery dragon in two, and slay Rahab, the spirit of the raging flood.

From out of the chaos, God ordered a bright, blue atmospheric canvass to rise and balloon over the earth-in-flux, forever separating the waters below from the secret courts of the outer heavens.

God formed lands by cutting the waterways, and a lush garden called Eden sprung from the banks of a crystalline river of rivers. Thick organics of vibrant color blanketed the dry land in every direction.

Two large trees flanked the tributary in the center of the garden, dwarfing all other plant life. These were the Life Tree and the Morality Tree.

This is good, God thought as he hurled the sun, moon, and the array of luminaries across the skies. This is all good.

He created sea creatures, land creatures, sky creatures, engineering each to multiply by instinct across the entire land. Insects hummed, mammals groaned, and the sphere of life vibrated with activity, playing a symphony of praise and thanksgiving into the far and outer reaches of space.

God then made a peculiar creature like himself and placed him in the garden. Like the animals before him, Adam came from the molding of clay figures in God’s hand. But unlike other creatures he was given a spirit, energized by the very breath of God.

This is very good.

Once animated, God gifted his crowning achievement with the liberty to rule over the kingdoms and species of earth. Adam named the animals, catalogued the stars, tilled the land, and established order. He had full run of the place, but something was still missing.

Noticing Adam’s depression, God caused him to fall into a deep sleep, took clay from his body, and fashioned with it another creature like himself.

Upon waking, the man looked upon God’s gift with immense pleasure. “Now that’s what I call a woman.” The pair ruled together as equals, and life was paradise.

God took inventory of everything he had made, and seeing that it was all good, he called it a week.

Inspiration: Genesis 1-2, Psalm 74:12-17, Isaiah 51:9-10

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