Hard reboot

In Noah’s day, the average human life span extended hundreds of years, and the race vigorously propagated across the transcontinental region of Asia, Turkey, and Egypt.

Because rebellion against God was a genetic predisposition from the first family, population growth brought about a crescendo of violence and corruption. The crisis reached its zenith when the men of God’s valor lusted after the daughters of corruption and defiled them, bringing forth a race of giants, titans of renown, the Nephilim.

“I’m cutting them off,” God swore, deeply vexed by humanity’s wickedness. “Human lives will be shortened to no more than a hundred and twenty years.” Even so, he regretted ever creating such an insurgent breed. He decided that shortening the number of their days might not be enough.

I’ll eradicate them altogether, he thought. People, pets, wild animals, birds, you name it. If it creeped, crawled, or twitched, they were soon to be prehistoric relics.

All except for Noah.

Noah was perfect compared to any other specimen, so God brought him into his circle of one.

“I’ve decided to destroy the earth and its inhabitants with a catastrophic flood,” God told Noah. “Make a three-story vessel from cypress wood and waterproof it. When the waters appear around you, everything outside the vessel will drown. Bring your family along. Things won’t go so swimmingly for awhile.”

He further instructed Noah, “Bring a male and a female of every living thing into the vessel, keeping them alive. Also bring seven pairs of all split-hooved grazers and birds. Finally, store up plenty of food for your family and your zoo.”

Noah got to work right away.

He was six hundred years old when he and his family boarded the vessel with all the animals and provisions. Just as promised, the pipes burst from deep beneath the seas, and torrential rains emptied themselves from the canopy of sky. It rained for forty days and nights, and when the highest mountain peaks submerged in a sea of foaming floodwaters, every living thing outside of God’s life raft perished.

Inspiration: Genesis 6-7

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