Parting ways

Abram now had an uncounted inventory of gold, silver, and livestock. He and Sarai, along with his nephew Lot resumed their circuit of travel, making their way back around to the place where God first promised Abram he’d bring forth blessed nations from out of his family. The first altar he had built remained untarnished, so he conversed with God there in the evenings.

Lot was also getting wealthy too, and soon the land couldn’t support both estates. The shepherds of both clans often bickered, but when one started a turf war against the other, Abram intervened.

He went to his nephew and said, “Look, I’m not going to fight with you, and I’m certainly not going to allow our herders to go to blows. We’re all family here.”

Abram put his arm around Lot. “Elevate your gaze, man. All this land will be ours,” he said, making a sweeping gesture across the vast horizon. “Let’s agree that if you go east, I’ll go west. If you go west, I’ll go east.”

Lot looked around. To the east, he admired the lush plains of Jordan, where the natural irrigation systems with her clear, cascading rivers were reminiscent of the Eden fables.

“I’ll go east,” Lot decided, and he spread his estate among the cities of the plains. He personally pitched his tent at Sodom, a town known for its pride, laziness, and sexual appetite.

Abram moved westward, bringing his people and possessions to the heart of Canaan.

“Look up from the spot you’re standing on,” God said. “Look north, south, east, and west. These wide, open spaces will be yours and your family’s forever.” And he promised, “I’ll make your children as numerous as the stars.”

The more he heard the promise, the more God added to it, and the more real it seemed. Abram settled down in Hebron at a place called Mamre Oaks where he built another altar and waited for the fruition of all that God had promised him.

Inspiration: Genesis 13

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