“Listen just a little longer,” Elihu said, “because I’m coming to my point. What I tell you comes straight from the Source, praise be His name.

“Unlike your friends here, Job, I won’t attempt to vindicate God with unsound arguments. God is mighty as His understanding is mighty. How can anyone be low enough for him to despise?

“He’s an advocate for the poor, but that doesn’t mean he sustains the wicked. Just because he establishes kings doesn’t mean he forsakes the godly in favor of the unjust monarch.

“Your friends called you a hypocrite because of your affliction. I tell you, your affliction is a warning against your obvious arrogance. If you humble yourself, will you not be far richer in wisdom for it?

“The godless have no god to help in their affliction. But God delivers the afflicted in their very affliction. In other words, he pierces the heart through adversity.

“God would lure you out of your predicament, but you’re preoccupied with judgment and justice.

“I warn you, don’t let anger cause you to fall into bitterness, because no ransom whatsoever will be enough to win you back.”

Bildad said, “He said he wanted to die anyway. What does it matter?”

Elihu turned to Bildad. “It matters because death is no teacher.”

“Are you saying Job should embrace his torment?” Bildad asked.

“Is there a greater teacher than his torment? Your mistake, Job, was to presume to tell God how He should respond to you, a mortal man. Instead, make it an unbreakable rule to magnify God’s might in all His works.

Consider how the clouds form from thin air and pour rain here or there. He chooses to withhold these rains on a whim. Can you stand up against the powers that hold back sky oceans?”

No one said anything for several minutes. The cock had crowed during Elihu’s pronouncements, and the sun lighted the distant fields, eerily empty of life. Surrounding Job and his company was the remnant rubble of his settlement, a morbid reminder of a great prosperity now lost.

There was nary a hint of cloud in the sky.

Inspiration: Job 36

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