This blog is a search for the ultimate salvation story. It’s a hunting ground, a threshing floor, and a banqueting table.

A hunting ground

Each post represents a part of the story of broken humanity and God’s merciful offer of redemption. Within the fields of pages in the Bible, a path can be traced. Upon that path lies the meat of the true gospel of God’s fulfillment of promise: Jesus Christ crucified.

A threshing floor

Taking all the books of the Bible and using a chronological timeline, the blogger strips the story down to its bare essence. Removing repetitive passages, genealogies, and insignificant details, he presents a fresh and concise rendering of the Scriptures, revealing the only lasting basis for meaning in this earthly life.

A banqueting table

This is the Whole eBible.

Summaries of each book will be available below in chronological sequence as they are developed and posted in blog form. Enjoy each morsel before feasting on a particular course in the blog.