This blog started as a private journaling exercise. I wanted to read the Bible again in its entirety (for the first time in twenty years), but I wanted to take each passage and put it into language that I understand.

I’m not a theologian, and I certainly wouldn’t claim that my perspective of God’s promises and provisions are without flaw. But I take the Bible as the Spirit reveals it to me in my private study time, and I transfer it into words that make sense to me.

I have in my office a sign that says, “Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.”

I approach the Bible with an acute awareness of my imperfections. I’m no stranger to bad judgment. I’ve broken every law of God, either in spirit or in the flesh. I spent over a decade denying the relevance of Scripture, the value of the church, and the reality of Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.

I have returned, as the prodigal son did, a man who has nothing to lose, still grappling with certain questions, but walking in grace. This blog is an offering of my devotion. If anyone reads this great redemption story, whether from my blog or another Bible-based source, may he or she be pierced through the heart by God’s matchless grace and love.

The Way of the Promise is delivered in two parts. First, the Promise encompasses the entirety of the Old Testament Scriptures. It’s a story of flawed men and women from a single tribe in perpetual exile and resettlement, chosen without merit to become the recipients of a profound destiny–bearers of God’s Promise and heirs of an eternal, blessed kingdom to come. Second, the Way is the fulfillment of the Promise found in the New Testament. The God of all existence makes a most underwhelming entrance, and why not? From the beginning of time and space, his modus operandi has been to hide from us, so that we can hide from him if we so choose.

No one, not even the most receptive prophet or sage, could have guessed how God’s plan would eventually unfold, as his eternally begotten glory was snuffed out on a tree.

I invite you to take the journey with me and travel from the balmy deserts of Genesis through the ethereal realms of Revelation, and discover our greatest hope for meaning in this life, and how God’s slain glory paved the merciful Way of the Promise.