Dragon’s deception

02 dragons deception

The serpentine dragon cradled its head on the bough of  the Knowledge Tree and reasoned with Eve. “You look hungry. I heard you aren’t allowed to eat from any of Eden’s varieties. Is this a joke?”

Eve bristled. “We can eat anything except for Knowledge.” She pointed to the tree from which the forbidden fruit and the dragon’s tail dangled. “We can’t even touch that one or we’ll die.”

The dragon laughed. “Do I look dead?” He dropped to the ground and slithered toward her. “Don’t you want to know good from evil? That’s what happens when you eat from Knowledge. You become just like a god.”

Eve regarded the ample fruit sagging from the lowest limb. It looked vexingly desirable to eat.

“God knows that Knowledge makes you just like him.” The dragon’s voice trailed off as he slithered away. “God lied to you, friend.”

The woman plucked the fibrous orb and its limb snapped back. No sooner had she and Adam bit into it that each noticed the other was naked. Hastily sewing fig leaves together, they fashioned clothes to cover themselves.

God came to visit in the garden that evening, but Adam and Eve hid from him.

“Where are you?” God asked.

Adam answered, “I was naked and afraid, so I hid.”

“How’d you know you were naked unless you took from the Knowledge Tree?”

Adam admitted his disobedience but blamed his wife, saying, “I was content with figs.” Eve, her face downcast, blamed the dragon who happened to be slinking along the path at that moment.

God seized the dragon by its throat and said, “You’re cursed to crawl and eat dirt from this day forward! Humankind will despise you, and although you’ll strike him, he’ll eventually crush you.”

God turned to Eve and said, “Now that your eyes are open to good and evil, you’ll feel pain during childbirth. You’ll want to please your husband, but he’ll dominate you.” To Adam he said, “The ground itself is cursed since its simple provisions didn’t satisfy your lusts. You’ll bleed, sweat, and cry for your bread, ever wanting more, until you return to the dirt from whence you came.”

God’s countenance then softened. He brought out animal skins for them to wear, to shield them from the unforgiving elements that would soon befall them.

God’s beloved children had just experienced a most unfathomable blow. For their safety, he removed Adam and Eve from the vicinity of the Life Tree. If consumed straight from the branch, it would have caused them to live in misery for eternity. For extra measure, he stationed a host of armed spiritual guardians to block the way to Life near the east of Eden.

As the exiled family fled from the lush country, dejected and estranged, the dragon, having already consumed Knowledge and Life, followed closely by the light of a fallen moon.

Inspiration: Genesis 3

Mythos rising

01 mythos rising

God’s Spirit brooded over the empty darkness. Then the first words, a simple command, vibrated the air.

“Be light.”

Light ignited the darkness, illuminating the vast and shapeless nothing.

God fashioned the skies out of the welling fountains below. This great atmospheric complex, not yet pregnant with its first rains, separated the earth from the outer heavens.

God formed lands and seas, and he caused fruits, vegetables, and other seed-bearing plant life to sprout from the ground. In the east, a lush garden called Eden flanked both sides of a rushing river. This river divided into the Pishon toward gold-laden Havilah, the Gihon of Cush, the Tigris around Assyria, and the Euphrates. Two large trees stood on either side in the middle of Eden, dwarfing all other vegetation. These were the Life Tree and the Knowledge Tree.

God made the sun, moon, and stars. He created sea creatures, land creatures, sky creatures, and he caused them to multiply across the earth. God then made a peculiar creature like himself and placed him in the garden. Like the animals before them, Adam, “Man From Dirt,” rose out of the earth. But unlike other creatures, he was given a spirit, animated by the very breath of God.

God gifted his crowning achievement with the freedom and directive to rule over the kingdoms of earth and all their inhabitants. Adam named the animals, counted the stars, tilled the land, and established order, but something was still missing. Noticing this, God caused him to fall into a deep sleep, took material from Adam’s body, and fashioned with it a suitable helper.

Upon waking, the man delighted in God’s gift. “You’ve taken from my own flesh and breathed life into another. I’ll call her woman.” For this reason, those who follow the Way of the Promise customarily join themselves in marriage, so that two rule together as one.

God blessed everything he created, and then he rested. For this reason, those who follow the Way of the Promise observe a day of rest and worship on the weekend.

Inspiration: Genesis 1-2