Incestuous lot

18 incestuous lot

Lot was afraid to stay too long in Zoar, so he and his daughters settled in a cave in the hill country.

“Father is old,” the older daughter said to her sister. “Considering the fact that we’re hiding out in a cave, no man will come and take us for wives.”

The older daughter said, “Let’s get Father drunk and sleep with him. This way we can keep our family line going.”

That night, they served their father more wine than usual, and when he was barely conscious, the older daughter went with him to bed. Lot never knew a thing.

The next day, she said to the younger daughter, “It’s your turn tonight.” Again they served too much wine, and Lot became very drunk. The younger daughter went in and had sex with him. Once again, Lot knew nothing about it.

Both daughters conceived sons with their father. Moab, ancestor of the Moabites, was born of the older daughter, and Ben-Ammi, ancestor of the Ammonites, was born of the younger.

Inspiration: Genesis 19

Trumped tower

06 trumped tower

Noah was a farmer with a vineyard.

One day he got drunk and passed out on the floor of his tent, stark naked. Noah’s youngest son, Ham, discovered his father and promptly ridiculed his undignified condition in the company of his two brothers.

Shem and Japheth took a robe, walked into their father’s tent backward, and with their heads turned away, they covered the unconscious man.

Later, when Noah found out what Ham had done, he cursed Ham’s future lineage. “Your son Canaan will be a slave to Shem and Japheth.”

God’s curse didn’t end with Canaan either. Ham’s grandson, the mighty warrior Nimrod, was the chief architect of the Babel project in Babylonia, not to mention he was the founder of Nineveh, a city with problems we’ll deal with later.

In Babel, the locals decided to build a great city, and at its epicenter, construct a mud-bricked tower of record-breaking heights.

This was an affront to God’s purpose. When God had told the people to go populate the whole earth, he meant business. Instead, everyone seemed hell bent on settling a tiny plot of real estate, grasping at heaven atop a grotesquely ornate high-rise.

God saw the people were determined, tech savvy, and unified in their endeavor. The fact that every engineer and worker on the project spoke the same language meant they’d likely accomplish their goal of autonomy and power.

So God personally descended, caused vernacular confusion, and scattered them across the earth.

The tower construction was ultimately abandoned and the people recontinued their migration to the four corners as God intended.

Inspiration: Genesis 9, 11